Tim joined Army with aspirations of seeing more of Australia and the world.  While in the Army, he completed a Diesel Mechanic apprenticeship and progressed through the ranks to Corporal.

After 10 years of service Tim felt he had gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. He wanted to settle in one location and put down roots. Tim felt responsible for his own decision to leave the Army and planned his transition.


Having committed to leaving the Army, Tim saw it as his responsibility to pave his own way to the next step in his career. He knew that his qualifications as a diesel mechanic did not represent the breadth of his experience. Tim did his research and sought professional help to ensure his move out of the only career he knew was a positive one.


  • Tim used a private company to translate his CV. They also identified appropriate recruitment opportunities for him.
  • After accepting a job offer, Tim took six months’ long service leave from the Army. He wanted the option of returning to the Army if the job didn’t go as planned.
  • Tim is now using the full set of his skills as a mechanic and Army Sergeant in his new role at Logistic Solutions Australia. Tim works in an environment that values his military experience. He works on technical projects with Defence.
  • If Tim could give advice to anyone looking to transition out of Defence, it would be to have courage to make the move you want to make. “Don’t just talk about it, put your foot down and do it, focus on your transition plan.”
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