After he transitioned from the Royal Australian Navy, Nathan spent a period of time unemployed, followed by working in a series of unfulfilling jobs. He struggled to identify and secure a role that interested and excited him. It was at this time that he obtained employment in a test and evaluation role in the Australian Public Service and found his niche.

Over the following 5 years, Nathan worked on a number of key projects for assorted government agencies, before finding himself back in Defence, working on complex, high-profile ICT projects. He completed his tertiary education and collected an assortment of awards, including two Secretary’s citations, a First Assistant Secretary’s Personal Commendation, and Executive Dean’s Award for Outstanding Academic Performance to name a few.

Nathan then made the decision to leave his middle management position to start his own business and established Informatech, a consultancy service.

Having studied the market to identify opportunities, Nathan was able to position his company to deliver services in an area of strong demand, and limited supply. This led to early success in the first two years of operation. In the past 6 years, Informatech has provided specialist services to over 30 projects, including projects with the Defence Infrastructure Transformation Program.

“I created Informatech with an almost utopian vision to create a company for high-performing, skilled, and experienced technical experts, where they could feel valued, not as resources or numbers, but as human beings – to provide those people with a safe place to call home” said Nathan.

A number of the skills and attributes that Nathan used to establish and grow the business were learnt and reinforced during his service with the Australian Defence Force. These have been paramount to how Nathan interacts with his customers and employees, and how he runs Informatech.

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